Selasa, 26 Januari 2016

How to Select a Custom Term Paper Writing Service

A custom term paper service can be convenient, taking pressure off you the student during mid terms or finals week. However, you have to realize that when employing the services of such a company, you are taking a risk with your grades, school standing and subsequent career. Unless you are just asking the service to do grammatical editing on a custom term paper you've already written, then using a term paper company means you are turning in another's work as your own. Some would call this unethical, but today I am outlining the practical do's and don'ts when it comes to enlisting a custom term paper writer- without getting into the moral implications.

One, you want to look for contact information. There should be contact info for email, phone and fax on the custom term paper company's website. You should be able to email instructions, call to talk to a person or send physical documents to an office that specializes in organizing and producing information. A US phone number is important; call it and speak with the person who answers. Here are a few questions you should ask them:

Do you have sample papers that I can look at? Go and look at the samples of the custom term papers . Check them for grammar, spelling and overall coherence. If the samples they show to prospective clients can't pass muster, then any paper they would write for you doesn't stand a chance.

Do you employ any foreign or not-native to English writers? The answer to this should be no, never. English is much too difficult a language at the collegiate level to be reliably created by those who don't have a birth knowledge of it. Many sites will say their writers are all from the United States, but you should at least call their phone number and see if you are talking to an American.

What if I don't like my paper? Most sites will not give you a full money back guarantee, after they have started the work. However, they should have some policy in place that takes care of errors that occur if your writer doesn't pay attention to the original directions. Ask them what their policy is, and if it is in writing.

Do you always get A's? This last one is a bit of a trick question. You can ask this question when you talk to a custom term paper writing service on the phone. If they say yes, emphatically, you will know that they are just trying to get you to buy, and probably have barely read anything materials like class syllabus or assignment sheets you have sent them. You can follow up with questions on your material to see if this is true.

The truth is, I don't know of any custom term paper site that exists that always gets A's. A hired term paper writer just doesn't control every single element that factors into receiving a grade. Other 'wild cards' like your relationship with your teacher, your class attendance and the quality and punctuality of previous work handed in will all affect your reputation with your professor and the grade that he or she gives you. Of course, if you have gone to class, participated in discussions and spoken in depth with your teacher about a subject they care about- then a custom term paper company can be a successful part of a good grade for that semester.

Remember that you must always check for plagiarism! Ask any term paper writer you are thinking of hiring on the phone if they check for plagiarism, and how. Your school might use or something similar, and if it does, your paper must not be either copied from the internet or searchable sources, and it must not be resold or redistributed by the term paper writing company later, because some services retroactively check for that. In other words, you have to buy a term paper from a company that agrees to sell you 100% of the rights to your paper, because if it ever comes up in another check for another student, you might face questioning.

Jumat, 12 Desember 2014

The Benefits Of Prewriting

I know we’ve all been taught it. It’s one of the earliest tools we learn to help us write essays but it is often tossed aside as we bravely, but blindly dive into writing. Prewriting is all too often neglected as a waste of time, but it really is a useful tool that usually ends up saving the writer from having unorganized thoughts, confusing structure, and the dreaded writer’s block.

Back when I was a student, prewriting was always just a necessary step I was required to do. I would quickly draw up a few bubbles in a brainstorm and put it away only to ever been seen again in the case my teacher wanted proof of any sort of prewriting. I am sure a lot of students think the same way I did, however proper prewriting is extremely useful. When properly done, it provides a backbone for the paper to be written offering a logical and coherent train of thought for the paper to follow. Therefore a writer need not worry about any sort of issues with the structure of the paper and instead can concentrate his thoughts completely on the content of the paper.
I am sure there are dozens and dozens of different prewriting methods out there, but the two most widely used ones are brainstorming and outlining. Brainstorming is basically like a large cluster of thoughts, topics, or any relevant information that has to do with the essay. It starts with a middle node which acts as a starting point for major topics to be addressed in the paper, and branches out from there.

I have always felt that brainstorming is more of a precursor to even prewriting. It is a very effective tool for throwing out lots of ideas and details. I personally find myself using it when I am completely stuck on what to write. It kind of helps get the creative juices flowing and helps the writer think of topics to write and see what topics can chain together and what cannot. The thing I feel that brainstorming lacks is that it doesn’t really give you a solid foundation for how the essay will turn out. It does not give the writer a way to look at the brainstorm and know the exact structure of the essay.

In my personal experience outlines have been a much more effective tool in comparison to brainstorms. Outlines are basically like a basic breakdown of the major topics and points of your paper. It is really a nice prewriting method because you basically plan out an entire linear outline or bare-bones structure of your essay. The major benefit of this method over brainstorming is that it is a linear outline instead of randomly spread out clusters of topics that may or may not be used in writing the final product of your essay, you get a neatly organized list of topics and points to make in your essay.